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Why do We (me) WoW?

BA topic de jour, a great question for many reasons and worth taking a step back and considering – it may keep you sane….

Why I play at all…

Back when I was young, it was practically socially acceptable (here in Oz anyway) to (binge) drink and drive – even if not legally acceptable.

Times have changed and “all my friends are getting married, yeah they’re all growing old. They all staying home on the weekends, they’re all doing what their told….(more…)

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10 WoW Memories

My memory is like a sieve, it is like… damn I can’t remember what I was going to write… Just call me Goldfish the Gnome.

So I have been thinking about the BA topic on Top 10 WoW memories, as most of the community has written about over the last couple of weeks.  I have really been struggling to think of them, so these may not be my top 10, just something (anything) I can remember, in no particular order… (more…)

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