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Well I’ll be buggered.

Dara and I have been leveling our closet alts through a mix of activities.

  • Questing – I kill the mobs, she collects the loot (assuming she isn’t too busy skinning).
  • Dungeons – I do the killing while she finds the right corridor to where the rest of the party is.
  • BGs – I head to the graveyard while she stealths on the outside (Hell, she remembered to stealth even found the stealth button, that’s a good start).

We have been leveling in tandem, so we would start each level kind of together, but somehow I will always reach the next level 1st (she calls me a cheater).

It’s not a big issue, I let her catch up… sometimes.

What is an issue though is this funny quirk, I’m going to call it a bug, where if one of us levels up (yes, 50% of the time me), that one gets kicked from the BG (or instance for that matter) queue.

So imagine if you will. (more…)

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