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I’m late for work (but then when aren’t I?).

I’m sitting on a train that’s stopped due to signal failure ahead.

No, I’m on a train that’s reversed back to a previous station so people can get off.

I’m sitting here wondering whether I should be patient, or maybe I should get off, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

It’s the 1st step that’s a killer.

Oh, and that’s how I am finding WoW right now. It’s broken, too many things wrong.

Do I get off, or stay on?


It definitely doesn’t help that I haven’t had the time to keep up with the news. Even if I had read just one of Cynwise’s posts I would have realized that the best way to greet 5.04 was to wipe everything and start fresh.

Well, I’ve read that now… when I have some time I will return, wipe the adding, wipe the toolbars, wipe it all and start fresh… one toon at a time (more…)

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You had me at Use of Alcohol

The MoP Trailer had me at the warning (more…)

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Well I’ll be buggered.

Dara and I have been leveling our closet alts through a mix of activities.

  • Questing – I kill the mobs, she collects the loot (assuming she isn’t too busy skinning).
  • Dungeons – I do the killing while she finds the right corridor to where the rest of the party is.
  • BGs – I head to the graveyard while she stealths on the outside (Hell, she remembered to stealth even found the stealth button, that’s a good start).

We have been leveling in tandem, so we would start each level kind of together, but somehow I will always reach the next level 1st (she calls me a cheater).

It’s not a big issue, I let her catch up… sometimes.

What is an issue though is this funny quirk, I’m going to call it a bug, where if one of us levels up (yes, 50% of the time me), that one gets kicked from the BG (or instance for that matter) queue.

So imagine if you will. (more…)

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BigBearButt outed me to Matticus on Twitter…


Out of the closest… again.

So just for the record… yes I have a Warlock, an Affliction Warlock..

But I am wondering what rock the Bear has been hibernating under, because the rest of you you know I have had it for a long time.. some time in 2008 I started my Lock Twinking adventures with Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 1. Introduction. The thing is, I could never bring myself to finish the experience, so the Lock was languishing at level 17 for 4 years.

There has been a long quiet spell in our guild lately and Dara and I found ourselves playing BGs over and over again… it was starting to get stale. One of the problems with BGs is the scenery doesn’t change too often, so I decided to change the personal scenery and add the Lock to my BG stables (currently housing Mage, Shaman, Druid, and an unloved DK).

So the Lock got dragged out of storage, Dara dug up her young Shaman and we started the leveling process.

That didn’t last long… REROLL!

Not long after that we rerolled… Did I say I liked the Lock?

Now we had two alts each, A Lock and a Pally for me… A Shaman and a Rogue for Dara… leveling in tandem.

One of the advantages of leveling on one character for 5 levels, then switching to the other, is there isn’t much time to get sick of the 1st one… at the 1st sign of boredem, we just switch toons.

One of the disadvantages is it feels like we just completed that painful collection quest… oh yeah we did… on the other toons.

That Mage…

There was a moment, early on, where I found myself face to face with a Horde Mage in WSG.

So I killed a Mage!

and yes I liked it.

Stupid Mage should have iceblocked…

Lessons learned

Our “juniors” are now well into their 70’s and some things are very clear now (more…)

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