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… a well geared AFK/Bot.

Yeah, this is kind of another post where I link back to an old post like I don’t care about the color of your clothes, shake my head lolwut heirlooms in your Battleground? and wonder when people will ever learn.

I had a few experiences over the weekend that have brought my philosophy of gear being less relevant than attitude to the fore.

Like Raiding in Blues

There was a time, BG – Before Gevlon, where the concept of raiding, seriously, in less than the top of the line purples was scoffed at. “We all knew”, despite protestations to the contrary that you had to have the best of the best to even be eligible to apply for a bench seat on a raiding guild, let alone raid.

You WILL leave your fun on hold until you have suffered on the sidelines for an appropriate amount of time. No you may not play with your friends until you match their ever escalating gear score!

40% down

Yet in BGs, people just shrug at AFKs and Bots in BGs… Yeah the report them AFK, but we have gotten to the point were we expect 10-20% of a PuG BG team to be AFK (more…)

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