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I’ve said it before, The Flag is Noob Bait!

But maybe I need to be more clear…

Eye of the Storm is NOT Warsong Gulch.

EotS is NOT a game that revolves around flags.

Yes the flag can be a circuit breaker when you can only get and maintain 2 nodes, but it’s the nodes that count, it’s bodies on node that count.

Yes you can win a game with only two bases and a flag, the issue is…

Who owns the flag?

I can’t count how many EotS I have been in where both sides inch up by flag caps, the last team to cap being the winner.

The bigger the investment, the bigger the crash

The problem is, the more vital the flag is, the more troops you have to commit from your nodes, which in turn means your nodes are now too lightly defended (more…)

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