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I would never stoop so low

as to do lowbie quests.

OK sure, I did it while chasing Loremaster back in WoLK, but you would never find me doing that now.

I never did tell you about my Loremaster journey did I… guess I saved you a lot of boring stories.

Completely drained by Archeology, all my defenses down, I found myself in Westfall the other day.

Oh god it was so boring… the NPCS were banging on about a couple of murders and no sooner would I talk to a PC, then he would be dead as shady characters were seen running from the vicinity.

Hell, I nearly rushed (you know how you rush with that urgent delivery… 3 weeks later) on one occasion when I heard one of my contacts was in trouble…

Ummm, what’s going on here… how can I be getting caught up in a story line when I’m not even reading the quest text.

Damn, now I wish I knew what was going on… nevermind, I will press forward and take the time to read now…


Where the hell is the Deadmines entrance?

Jumping Gnomes, I have been playing this game for how long and I still can’t find the bloody entrance!

Whooooo cut scene…. (I do love the party in this cut-scene)

Ahhh now, I understand what I am doing in the Deadmines these days… it’s just a shame this isn’t a level 85 quest line… Meh, let’s face it, I would only be doing it for the gold if it was (more…)

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