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…it’s not worth saying.

This is a post where I don’t link to BigBearButt (or his Trollinator App post), Larisa (bet she’s already itching to write again) or Euripedes (who has always done his own thing).

No, I’ve done enough of that lately so I promise not to do it in this post.

Nor will I link to Runzwithfire with his Frost rotation flow charts (definitely not his AoE flow chart because that may leave you with a coffee spat keyboard) or Vidyala and her Fire rotation flow chart.

To do so would be to indicate that Mage blogging is still alive. Since I refuse to be the Gnominator, busting rumors across the WoW blogging community as was suggested on TNB (who I wouldn’t link to either), there is no need for me to tell you that things are alive and well in the community.

I will be linking to Arioch because she inspired this post with her very articulate comment on my last post which explained the strat for the dastardly dragon duo.

Which in typical Gnomeaggedon fashion I trivialized with a 3 line version, which got me thinking (always, always dangerous).

If you can’t say it in a macro, it isn’t worth saying!

Borrowed without warning from DM of the Rings web comic

I’ve been in lots of PuG instance runs where at least one person doesn’t know the fight and asks for it to be explained. Often this is the tank… don’t know how they got geared enough to tank heroics without knowing the encounters, but whatever, I still don’t know the strats, I am too busy reading webcomics (for which I am not going to provide links either) to know what really happens (more…)

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