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Streakers downed Valiona and Theralion last night. (to be honest, I had to look them up to find out their names… I told you the details detracted from the magic right?) Yes, we are a little behind many, probably ahead of others, but then our members have been battling boss mobs of their own: flood, cyclones, earthquakes, 4,000 ping lag leeches, overgrown lawns (hey it nearly killed me!).

I have to say it’s a fun fight with half the battle knowing the differences between purple and blue dragons and which one is actually on the ground.

You want to get hit by some bombs (well at least fear them less), group for some, divide for others all the while watching who the current dragon is looking at and watching the sky for those lovely pink rivers of flame.

Fun, fun, fun, wipes and fun. (more…)

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