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Remember this is just extended Beta


Fire is NERFED!

Fire will be “BALANCED”

Just in case you have never been through this before, or are really engaged this time around, just remember that 4.01 to 4.0x is just extended Beta.

This is the phase where Blizzard decides that things aren’t that broken, that they are working well enough, that they can try it out on the entire WoW population, rather than a microcosm of players, many of whom were never really Beta testing, just having a play with the future as the present had become so boring.

We are still preparing for Cataclysm, and not just in the World server sense, in the “Oh hell, is that still broken” sense.

Of my two characters, only Gnomeaggedon has been respeced and only in one spec (which may, or may not be for PvP… I can neither deny or confirm that) (more…)

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