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5000g or $25?

How much is WoW gold worth these days?

I think you’d be lucky to get 5,000 gold for $25.

Come Cataclysm that’s what I’m expecting to pay on my one-off purchase.

Of course I will be buying directly from Blizzard, not from any of the account hacking gold sellers.

Likewise I won’t truly see 5,000 appear in my WoW bank, but I will be saving it.

As they say, a copper saved is a copper earned.

Now Gnomeaggedon won’t be out of pocket either way, Squidly on the other hand will have to make a request to the exchequer of the Gnomeregan exchange for 5,000 and I already know the outcome of that request…


So I have no doubt that Squidly will make an exchange on the grey money market (or is that green?) to ensure that he can ride in luxury without disturbing Gnomeaggedon’s nest egg (more…)

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