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I’m not a bot…

  • Just because I stand near a flag the whole battleground.
  • Just because I give Arcane Brilliance every few minutes.
  • Just because I chat in single abbreviations.

Right after purchasing my Arathi Basic mug the other day. In fact inspired by my purchase, I hit AB for a bit of fun.

We got off to a great start, in fact I had capped 3 bases before any had the chance to completely turn over.

Strange, I thought I already had that, but maybe it’s my lack of the achievement that speaks to my dedication for a team win over personal achievements.

  • Before I left LM, I checked for a guard. We had one, so I moved on.
  • Before I left Farm, I checked for a guard, we had several.
  • Before I left BS, I checked for a guard. There was none, so I stayed.

For the rest of the game I called troop movements and fought off attacks at BS. A couple of these I had to do alone, a couple the cavalry came to the rescue.

Whatever happened though, there was one thing you could be sure of, when everyone else had run off and the dust had settled, Gnomeaggedon would be guarding BS.

A bot might sit by a flag, but sitting by a flag does not make one automatically a bot!

I’m buffing your back!


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