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If only…

It happens about this time prior to each expansion. People get nostalgic, reflect upon all the things they did and enjoyed over the previous expansion, or even the whole life of WoW.

Some people stretch their reflections back as far as vanilla beta, others only one or two expansions back.

Stories of the good (and bad) old days, the great instances, events and periods in class dynamics.

Occasionally people, like Larisa, feel a little left out of the discussion. They feel they missed the exclusive parties, the invite to the standing room only events is the best they have ever achieved, no reserved seating for them.

Me, I get a little nostalgic for those things I have been “privileged” enough to experience since I joined in vanilla, but it is often the “If only…” things that I think of at this time.

I don’t feel like Larisa, in that I aren’t a part of an exclusive club, I was present in vanilla and if not for circumstances, I guess I could have been a member of that exclusive club.

The things I have missed (or delayed) have been due to choices made. First and foremost of those choices was to put my work, wife and child (and other family for that matter) ahead of WoW reducing me to one night per week, so I have no regrets, RL is always, always > WoW.

Bloody hell, that is one of a long preamble, which will continue just a little longer.

It isn’t other’s nostalgia that has spurred this post, rather a recent achievement, gained late, yet still gained, that brought this to mind. I finally completed “What a long strange trip it’s been”, got my protodrake and that feeling of “what now”.

TreeHuggerDave tells me that completing the “trip” was something that undermined his desire to continuing to play, due to “what next”.


If only…


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