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I cried!

There was no statue to Gnomeaggedon (I have raised a bug report), but NEW Tinker Town nearly made my heart burst.

I haven’t even done anything there yet, I am still a bit overcome with emotion.

I’m not going to show you.

If you are a Gnome…

If you have played one and loved one…

Then the homecoming is yours to experience.

I am going to tell you a little of my journey through the Portal of Time: Destination near future.  I don’t think there is much that will spoil your experience, if there is, I will try to make it difficult to see, or easy to avoid… or, well, they aren’t much as spoilers anyway… you have probably already heard more from a guy, that knows a guy, that worked with a guy, that slept with a woman, that dreams about Gnomes and Men, than you will see here.

It started with an email…

Which turned into a downloader…

which turned into an installer… (more…)

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