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Betaggedon’s Coming!

Although it might take a while…

So I better plan…

OMG what do you take into the Portal of Time: Destination the near future?

Does my hair look OK, do I need a trip to the barber?

Do I need to pack rations… Ohh of course not, I can conjure them.

Do I need gold, bandages, mats, strong alcoholic drinks?

Is there inflight entertainment, or do I need to pack a tome?

Can I take Squidly as well? (don’t want to leave him behind to take all the glory).

Whatever happens, 1st destination must be Gnomeregan. I need to make sure that my statue is coming along fine… I look fat in stone!

Beta and Out!

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Are you my love child?

I bet I get some freaky people coming here after that title.

Are you the love child of a Gnome? /rofl

Are you the love child of this Gnome? /hide

I got myself thinking the other day, I do that sometimes. I just push myself a little bit too far, and the brain kicks into action.  By then it’s too late and I can’t really stop it.  I assure you I try, but a Gnome’s brain has a time delay lock, and nothing short of Tom Cruise can stop it ticking (Just the sight of him sends me into spasms… if he were to lay his hands on me, I promise the ticking would stop).

How many love children do we have floating about on the US/Oceanic servers?

Apparently Jong does more than rip his shirt off, cause there are 101 Jongs out there.. no not Dalmations, JONGS!

Cassie obviously has BigBearButt well under control (more…)

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