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Larísa has problems with character names, or at least securing them.

So far I have been pretty lucky.

I don’t even recall if there were any Gnomeaggedons around before I chose that name, even though it is really common to prefix a Gnome’s name with Gnome.

  • Gnomeaclysm
  • Gnomistake… Hey Viking!
  • Gnomepie… I miss you Pie!

Squidly was another surprising easy catch. It wasn’t until after rolling Squidly that I even checked the armory and sure enough, there were some, but not many Squidlys about.

I’ve already reserved my Goblin name, one I was surprised was still free.


Not taken, what is wrong with you people?

Of course that presupposes that I actually will roll a Goblin, but if I do, I’m ready.

Red Heart Roundup

About a year ago when BigBearButt organized the Raid For a Cure, I tried to roll Gnomeaggedon on his server.

I was horrified to discover that Gnomeaggedon was taken.

The paranoid side of me thinks that BBB was trying to keep me away (more…)

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