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Toilet Training Newbies

I’m a proud Dad right now.

Odin has been daylight toilet trained for a while now, but lately he has been insisting that he go nappy free at night.

So, not one to discourage someone that wants to progress, I have been dealing with the outcome of failed dry nights.

Some nights are dry, which is cool, but more by luck or good fortune.

Last night we had a breakthrough.

It was a dry night, but only because he woke realizing he needed to go to the toilet, woke me and end result… dry night.

Now it wasn’t smooth from my point of view. It took 45 minutes to complete the process, which started at 4am. I noticed he was asleep on his feet in front of the toilet a fair part of the time

I’m very proud of Odin, but I’m pretty proud of myself too. 45 minutes to have a pee in the wee hours of the morning?

Ohh and now we are at 7 dry nights in a row, and one of those was a sleep-over!

Toilet Training Newbies

Which brings me back to WoW (more…)

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