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Gankee, Ganker, Helper, Helped

Aman’Thul is a PvE server, but I’m “permanently” flagged for PvP.

I didn’t realize at 1st. The first indication was when I got slaughtered outside ICC one night during an instance server restart.

A friend said:

How stupid can you be to afk here while PvP flagged?

I didn’t know, at that point.

A while later I realized whenever I fished I was flagged, then realized it had nothing to do with fishing, I just was.

Rades solved the mystery with the suggestion I might have a PvP quest in my log, which I did and which I now maliciously share every Wintergrasp I enter because I looks like one of the WG quests in the heat of battle.

So yeah, I’m flagged 24/7, I’m kind of noob bait or a free honor kill, assuming someone has a go and depending who they are.

Par for the course on a PvP server, but rare as hen’s teeth on a PvE server a flagged toon is an invitation to every Orc and their pet Troll.

Grinding Tangent

As I had the whole week off, I quickly finished all my raid options early in the week, on both characters, which left me twiddling my thumbs.

I could reroll, but as I rarely have time for two characters, a third would be a nightmare.

So I started grinding. Grinding dailies, grinding reputation and grinding achievements.

Vikingmetal returned to the game recently, so I got him to help me start off the Oracle grind, which of course amounts to 3 quests per day.

So looking for something else, I started killing Ogres in Nagrand. Might as well get that Kurenai rep up.

I’ve never liked AoE grinding (then I never liked fishing either, but desperate times), and the thought of going frost sends shivers down my spine.

Grinding as fire is a whole different story.

Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb
Living Bomb

Keep running (more…)

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