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Maybe I’m in denial

I’m a Mage…

I know I’m a Mage…

I’m a Mage dammit!

Yet why do I constantly see signs that I might be something other, something more insidious, one of the unlucky ones…

A Warlock!


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I cried!

There was no statue to Gnomeaggedon (I have raised a bug report), but NEW Tinker Town nearly made my heart burst.

I haven’t even done anything there yet, I am still a bit overcome with emotion.

I’m not going to show you.

If you are a Gnome…

If you have played one and loved one…

Then the homecoming is yours to experience.

I am going to tell you a little of my journey through the Portal of Time: Destination near future.  I don’t think there is much that will spoil your experience, if there is, I will try to make it difficult to see, or easy to avoid… or, well, they aren’t much as spoilers anyway… you have probably already heard more from a guy, that knows a guy, that worked with a guy, that slept with a woman, that dreams about Gnomes and Men, than you will see here.

It started with an email…

Which turned into a downloader…

which turned into an installer… (more…)

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Betaggedon’s Coming!

Although it might take a while…

So I better plan…

OMG what do you take into the Portal of Time: Destination the near future?

Does my hair look OK, do I need a trip to the barber?

Do I need to pack rations… Ohh of course not, I can conjure them.

Do I need gold, bandages, mats, strong alcoholic drinks?

Is there inflight entertainment, or do I need to pack a tome?

Can I take Squidly as well? (don’t want to leave him behind to take all the glory).

Whatever happens, 1st destination must be Gnomeregan. I need to make sure that my statue is coming along fine… I look fat in stone!

Beta and Out!

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Are you my love child?

I bet I get some freaky people coming here after that title.

Are you the love child of a Gnome? /rofl

Are you the love child of this Gnome? /hide

I got myself thinking the other day, I do that sometimes. I just push myself a little bit too far, and the brain kicks into action.  By then it’s too late and I can’t really stop it.  I assure you I try, but a Gnome’s brain has a time delay lock, and nothing short of Tom Cruise can stop it ticking (Just the sight of him sends me into spasms… if he were to lay his hands on me, I promise the ticking would stop).

How many love children do we have floating about on the US/Oceanic servers?

Apparently Jong does more than rip his shirt off, cause there are 101 Jongs out there.. no not Dalmations, JONGS!

Cassie obviously has BigBearButt well under control (more…)

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Fantasy Warcraft League

I’m not a big sports fan, but I understand there is something around called the Fantasy Football League and if my primitive understanding is correct, the concept is that supporters pick what they believe would be the ultimate team of the season.

What would that team look like if it was composed of Warcraft Bloggers and the Superbowl was The Lich King?

I’m not sure I would make the team, but I’d happily join in as a rookie. I’m sure Larisa would be prominent in the EU competition.

I think if I was to build a US/Oceanic team I would start, and quite possibly end, with Jong.

A one man team?

You know as well as I do, that when the chips are down the shirt comes off and not even Arthas could stand before that waxed chest (yes, I still visualize him as a Belf, even after all this time).

He wouldn’t be quite alone of course, I would be his water-Gnome, there to provide mineral replenishing Mage water and high energy food.

I’d be there to wipe the sweat from his brow with the hem of my Blood Mage robe.

Ohhh hang on a tick, does Jong sweat? Is the thought of Jong working up a sweat while saving the world somehow anti-Jong? Is he like the hero(ines) in the movies who save the world yet come out with perfect makeup (man-product) and hair perfect but for one lose strand?

Name your league

So tell me, who is in your perfect W-League team?


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Larísa has problems with character names, or at least securing them.

So far I have been pretty lucky.

I don’t even recall if there were any Gnomeaggedons around before I chose that name, even though it is really common to prefix a Gnome’s name with Gnome.

  • Gnomeaclysm
  • Gnomistake… Hey Viking!
  • Gnomepie… I miss you Pie!

Squidly was another surprising easy catch. It wasn’t until after rolling Squidly that I even checked the armory and sure enough, there were some, but not many Squidlys about.

I’ve already reserved my Goblin name, one I was surprised was still free.


Not taken, what is wrong with you people?

Of course that presupposes that I actually will roll a Goblin, but if I do, I’m ready.

Red Heart Roundup

About a year ago when BigBearButt organized the Raid For a Cure, I tried to roll Gnomeaggedon on his server.

I was horrified to discover that Gnomeaggedon was taken.

The paranoid side of me thinks that BBB was trying to keep me away (more…)

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Alright the last BaronSoosdon video might have been NFSW, but this one isn’t, unless the depiction of the use of illicit substances is NSFW (or age, or home, or personal beliefs).

However what it does do, is show the joy of being, or playing, a Gnome.

[WoW Music Machinima] Happy Up Here

Don’t you want to roll a Gnome today?

Gnomer and Out!

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