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I bloody well was prepared!

Oh Squidly...


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He was not prepared

Hi Im Squidly

I hear you have been looking for Gnomeaggedon? (more…)

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Mixed Bag

Blizzard hears us on RealID

Blizzard email

Did you get this email? (It’s below if you didn’t).

I must admit at 1st I thought it was spam… I mean the email is addressed to Account UNKNOWN.

Apparently Blizzard heard our complaints about RealID and have a thread addressing many of the issues.

Who said canceling our accounts would account for nothing… I got a sparkly email!

Still not perfect in my opinion, but heading in the right direction.

Mage Forums

So the Mage forums are trotting along nicely some nice discussion going on, from

There is a pile of stuff there and it really is a friendly community, sure some items are discussed from opposite ends of the spectrum, but there has been no hate.

So if you are a nub Mage like myself, or a shirt ripper like Jong, there is a place for you to read, write and share ideas (especially on the appropriate use for a Warlock).

It’s not just the usual names from the Blogsphere either (not that there is anything wrong with that), but also the average Mage on the street through to illustrious names such as Lhivera – yes, THE Lhivera! (more…)

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