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It all started when I was bored in Dalaran, my finger hovered over the ESC key, preparing to log off. Something that has become remarkably easy since the RealID stupidity.

Just as I pressed the ESC key and the system menu popped up, I noticed someone

LFM Tempest Keep.

I thought to myself

Why not?

Invites out, summons accepted, in we went.

Buff time

We engage in the usual start of raid ritual of buffing. No one is bothering with fish feasts or flasks – it’s a level 70 raid and it’s filled with 80’s.

A quick glance at my raid UI shows there’s one other Mage in the raid, so I automatically select them and plant a big fat Focus Magic on them.

My Focus Magic is accompanied with my usual pithy macro:

Focus Magic on you, bring on the crits!

Then I stumble.

Rather than the usual automated “thanks for FM” message, I get (more…)

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