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The end of another week of WoW, not that its ever a full week on Oceanic realms anyway, we only get 6 days per week, yet for some reason pay for 7.

Of course this week has been unusual, filled with high drama and not of the guild variety. Mind you, the only drama in my guild these days is when the guild leader /ragequits, which of course means there is no guild.

It was also unusual in the sense that I didn’t pick up one Frost Emblem. No VoA, no Weekly, no ICC, not even a random heroic. Two toons, zero emblems.

Mind you, I haven’t really been in the mood to raid. Not even to take down Internet Dragons. I think in part it’s because I’m tired of the mechanics, they are new and exciting replications of the old ones.

You know immediately what it means when someone says:

Don’t stand in the bad!

The thing is the bad is of a different color this week.

  • It’s not red
  • It’s not black
  • It is green, but a different shade of green.

It’s the shade of green that money is made out of.

Forever more when someone says “don’t stand in the bad”, I will be thinking of a different boss mechanic, the corporate boss mechanic rather than the raid boss mechanic (more…)

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