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My Life After WoW

A few days back the ultimate mistress of evil, the Boomerang Blogger herself (Saresa for those of you that hadn’t picked t yet) forced me to think about what I would be doing in my life after WoW.

What would a washed up Gnome Mage do after years to plucking Moonkin, burning Trees to the ground, roasting Trolls, dismembering Forsaken, BBQ’ing Tauren and drooling over Blood Elves?

I thought I’d turn away from Fire, from destruction, from turning things into carbon to growing things, lovingly, patiently.

I never thought there could be anything more beautiful than the glare of the Fireball roaring across the horizon to king hit the healer at the back of the pack, but I was prepared to try.

So, starting with a few seeds, a can of water and some appropriately fertile soil, I began my new adventures in gardening.

I can’t go wrong can I?

I’m a Gnome, and there are all the legends of Garden Gnome (more…)

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