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The Ruby Vacuum

Did you get online yesterday, or were you caught in extended maintenance?

I got on, at 1st briefly, then later for an extended period.

When I 1st logged in it was business as usual, Dalaran full, trade “vibrant” (I’ll let you interpret the definition of vibrant).

When I logged in later it was as if Arthas or someone (maybe a Gnome Engineer) had perfected a universal vacuum.

The streets were empty, trade chat relatively quiet (i.e. readable).

Of course it wasn’t Arthas or the Gnomes, it was the Ruby Vacuum, otherwise known as the Ruby Sanctum.

Being the 1st night there weren’t any PuG groups going (although I expect that from tonight it will be “LFM RS >9000 GS pst with role and achievement”). It was just guild groups. All my friends were there, there all night in fact.

Meanwhile, on the outside I was doing the usual things.

LFD… LFA (Anyone)

It took a looooooong time to get groups for Ahune and the random heroic (more…)

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