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Happy Birthday Celeglin!

Who is Celeglin?

A reader, whose birthday is on the 23rd. He wanted an awesome post for his birthday, unfortunately this is the best he will get.

Happy 2nd Blogday Gnomeaggedon!

I wanted an awesome post for my 2nd blogday, unfortunately this is the best I am going to get.

Celeglin inspires me

Nevertheless, an email from Celeglin has inspired this post, so here we go…

Just wondering how you’re enjoying the Fire Festival. Would love to hear of any crazy hijinks haha

Fire, ahhh Fire!

As I said to Gaz the other day on Twitter…

Fire is not a Spec, it’s a way of life!


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I have touched on Battleground (BG) communications before. I would suggest it is hard to find any blogger talking about any BG strat with out mentioning communications.

The same goes with raiding of course, which is the reason Vent is often required.

The same goes with Arenas, silence is deadly.

Even PuG 5 mans benefit from communication. Sure you don’t need it so much these days, but it never hurts.

In an ideal world when you enter a BG you are in a premade using vent. Maybe you have the WoW BG voice option on, so at least you can quickly hear, maybe even respond to peoples observations.

Most BGs aren’t ideal of course. More likely than not you are there solo, playing for the team, but without communication you probably feel like an island.

Who likes to chat?

It might surprise you to know I talk a lot. In RL, in blog posts, in guild chat, trade chat, Vent and even (most importantly for this post) in BGs.


I don’t think most people are like me. I’m not sure why, maybe they are afraid to stick their heads out. Maybe the don’t talk much in RL either.

In BGs I think they are less likely to talk, rather fume in silence at the lack of support, the lack of direction.

So today I’m going to share a proven winning strategy for BGs, one that works in any BG, for anyone, for everyone. It will help to turn a rout into a victory and a victory into domination.

The strategy is.. (more…)

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Txzvbfdt: want to buy good times? Shove it up your mates with your new mount? We’ve got what you need for only $10/5000g. Come to http://www.wefuckedyourmotheryoursisterandyourbrothertoo.com

I die a little inside every time I see something like that posted in /trade chat. I quickly put them (or maybe it’s me) out of their misery with a report spam.

I kinda hope that Blizzard responds to the spam alert and locks the account before any MORE damage is done.

Whatever happens, some damage is done.

It may only be to you, but most likely your guild will be effected as well.

You might miss out on a nights raiding, your guild might miss out on a raider (It could be that LK kill you have dreamed of) (more…)

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Demoralizing Shout

Apparently Warriors have a skill called Demoralizing Shout.

I’m not quite sure, because apart from playing a Warrior for maybe one level before realizing I didn’t like it, I’ve never looked very hard at the toolbar.

I don’t ever recall being demoralized by it, but it’s somewhere on their toolbar and I know they use it, I see it in raids just before they charge at a boss.

Mind you, I have never noticed bosses being particularly demoralized either, they just seem to get angry and hit everyone they can reach.

Over the weekend I got to experience what it is like to give a really demoralizing shout.

It quickly occurred to me that I have been on the receiving end of this “demoralizing shout” multiple times in Arenas.

I know how it feels, I practically walk away from the PC when I hear the roar. I have to retrieve my keyboard from the hole in the wall when I hear my mates of vent cry in anguish.. (more…)

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Wintergrasp on Aman’Thul has always been dominated by the Alliance.

Horde might win it in the early afternoon, when only the teenagers are online. They might even win it during prime raiding time when Alliance are occupied with the Lich King.

Generally it’s held by us. Which of course means easy access to the loot pinatas and Wintergrasp vendor items for us, not so much for them.

If we can’t have it, neither can you!

This seems to have led to a different strategy by the Horde. Sure we win it, but now they aim to deprive us of the benefits.

Wintergrasp may be ours, but VoA isn’t, without a fight (more…)

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Latency is no handicap

I remember ages ago Euripides was paying out on people that use lag as an excuse for standing in the fire.

I also remember being a bit offended at the time, because for me to start WoW I have to sign that I agree with:

Game Experience May Change During Online Play.

No I mean it.  I put in my username, password, authenticator code & then sign triplicate forms agreeing to play under changing conditions.

Less for some

I watch videos of the best laying low the 2nd best and marvel at their pinpoint accuracy, the way they launch their spells without fear of:

Target must be in front of you


Out of Range

Or even

Ability not ready

You see I live with a technical handicap. I know I have spoken about it before, but as with all handicaps, I am learning to live with it (more…)

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Simple Courtesy

Dinner Delimma

Let’s say you have arranged to meet a group of mates for dinner. Just for fun, your friends gave you the date & time in a different time zone… use for your amusement. They are a loyal bunch and unlikely to order before you arrive.

They are all modern, connected, tech savvy people, with multiple means of communication. Mobile phones, Twitter, facebook. You even have the phone number for the restuarant.

1/2 an hour before dinner you realise you aren’t going to make it on time, you might be 1/2 an hour late. You aren’t sure yet though.

What do you do?

The prearranged time for dinner has arrived and you realise you still haven’t made it out the door, you are going to be at least an hour late.

What do you do?


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