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Well, one day for us here Downunder.

I’ve been having a bit of a Twitter discussion with shieldbreakr from Horde of One.

His view on School of Hard Knocks is quite clear… it’s a noob farming opportunity.

If you were to read our Twitter conversations you would think we are on opposite sides of the fence, but in many ways we are on the same side… well, he’s Horde and I’m Alliance, but we agree… PvP is for PvP, not wishy-washy PvE.

But I see there being two ways to play this week and I am going to share my anger about a 3rd way.

  1. This is War – Kill or be killed! If you want the achievement, god damn fight for it!
  2. Let’s get the Achievement out of the way so we can melt faces.  1 minute of truce will mean 100% focus for the rest of the fight.
  3. Selfish Pricks!

This is War – Kill or be killed!

This is shieldbreakr‘s philosophy, which is a good, honorable philosophy.

It is the essence of the Battlegrounds and should be the basis of all Horde vs Alliance relations.

I had 3 WSG’s last night helping a mate get her Orphan a flag, two of them I will come to, but the 2nd one was along these lines (more…)

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