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First up I wish to apologize to anybody I offended with my strong, some would suggest over-the-top angry rant at gold buyers.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe they are pretty much the scum of the WoW player base, but I encountered something worse, something that unbelievably has taken my desire to play WoW away from me.

They are the…

<Blackrock Exiles>

A bigger bunch of arseholes you will never have the displeasure to encounter in your life.

A shiteful way to end the week.

I had a hard weekend.  I did a heap of repairs on my house before Winter comes and trashes it, leaving me without a roof, leaving my son without a roof.

At the end of a long emotionally charged weekend I sat down to play WoW.

Unfortunately, when I logged in Aman’Thul, in fact all the Oceanic servers, in fact all of the Bloodlust Battlegroup was out for emergency maintenance, with no ETA.

To say the least I was disappointed, but I had an option.. I could join the folks over at Single Abstract Noun for a bit of R&R&R.

Rest & Relaxation & Roleplaying

I had already rolled a character on Argent Dawn US (more…)

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