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SotA tips, better than a guide

Cynwise gets the straight lines, I get the curlies

I had a frustrating Saturday night in the battlegrounds. I think I entered every one at least once before I finally completed my random daily.

I mentioned the other day that unlike LFD you need to both:

  1. bring your best game, and
  2. have a reasonable idea of the battleground BEFORE you enter it.

Sure you need to know vaguely what to do in an instance, but if the others know, then an instance can be quite forgiving.

Cynwise and I were discussing giving you Battleground initiates a leg up, so this is the 1st of my helping hands.

SotA (Stand of the Ancients) is a battleground that is easy to hate. It’s easy to get totally pwned and draws are all to frequent and bloody frustrating.

You will find guides to this battleground elsewhere. The layout, the basic tactics etc. This isn’t one of those guides, this is a group of tips, the fundamentals that will make or break a SotA (more…)

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It would be easy to make the mistake of thinking that the new Random Battleground interface is just LFD for Battlegrounds.

Why Easy?

Well, because it is the same thing… but.. BUT!

There is one fundamental difference… actually, there are two…

Nearly everyone “grew up” doing the instances, most of you wouldn’t dare set foot in a battleground before until one of your mates said…

Battlegrounds are easy – Honor falls from the sky – Honor buys gems – Gems give money – therefore Money is falling from the sky!

Please tell me about your mates, all their details including home address because I am going to send someone around to put them down right now…

No seriously, the phone is in my hand, I have an international ring of PvP lovers at my finger tips who would just love to put it into real world action.

The other important reason is this.

In a 5 man instance, with players that are clearly overgeared for the instance, one or two relatively AFK players wont cause a issue, because we are playing against the AI.

No matter how badly you perform, you still get your Emblems at then end.

In battleground you count, everyone on your team counts, because you aren’t playing against AI and if you don’t win the battle… you have just wasted everyone’s time.

It’s easy to fix – you have to play to WIN! (more…)

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Mid last year, Alison Robert wrote an great article on How to get your blog crashed by WoW.com.

What she didn’t mention is the unwanted attention you will get from scrapers, spammers and bots.

I’m not an ungrateful son of a Gnome

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of WoW.com linkage as much as the next Gnome… err blogger.  I really appreciate the recent linkage from the WoW.com Guide to WoW Resources and the post by Adam Holisky about the list.

Unexpected Results

Speaking of which, that was a great opportunity for me to find out what some people thought of my blog.  Frank (bless his heart) made sure I got a mention on the list, then even better yet, Vandersvelt had the balls to slam my blog!

Yeah, even better I say!

You know why, because he had the balls to say what he thought without fear of the WoW.com fanboys and girls tearing him to shreds.  When he started getting voted down he had the balls to come back and question why and continue the conversation with me until we got to the root of the problem (more…)

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Don’t read that email

If you momentarily thought you were lucky enough to get an email from the Gnome, you were probably scratching your head moments later.

The only legitimate email people should be getting from me today is to say don’t read the previous email.

Interestingly the only unusual thing I did tonight was the same thing that my hacked mate did there a week or so ago, which was to download an ingame update from an otherwise legitimate game.

I can’t be sure it was the update, it might just be one of those funny conincidences, but if you have played Battleforge in the past, just be careful if you do update it.

One last thing… A podcast i have listened to in the last couple of days wondered why Blizzard would add a copy Authenticator code to the iPhone Authenticator.

It’s so you can log on to Battle.net from anywhere and change your password.

Play safe!

Gnomer and Out!

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Yes I know I said that I didn’t know what to do with all my honor.

Yes I know I said I might as well pour it down the sink

Yes I know I said I wasn’t interested in PvPing for gems

Yes I know I said I wasn’t interested in the BG mounts, that I have all I want

Yes I know, but… (more…)

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I wasn’t expecting 3.3.3

Don’t ask me what I was expecting, or when I was expecting 3.3, but I just wasn’t expecting it this morning.

I was expecting to log on at 5.55 and take a shot at the chest in Gurubashi Arena, but the servers weren’t up.

Then they were, so I logged in, chest was there, I jumped on it, I was 90% of the way through opening it and…

The servers weren’t there… well I DC’d anyway.

After about 10 attempts to log on, where the arena would appear but either I or the chest wouldn’t, I finally appeared.

Dead.. a ghost in the graveyard.

Ohh well… PvP happens, even if I am not there at the time (more…)

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Slooooooooow Faaaaaaaaaall


Yes I’ve had it for a long time, but pre-glyphs it was “expensive”

Only a light feather

I hear you exclaim.


  • and the grinding!
  • or the silvers at the AH!
  • and the bag space!
  • and the repair bill when you forget you ran out yesterday and haven’t restocked!
  • and the bigger repair bill 10 minutes later when you forget again!

So although I may have gotten it years ago, even though I even had a special dismount/slowfall macro, even though for the cost of a glyph I have been able to throw them around like 1 copper candies…

I haven’t used it.

It was a forgotten skill, one with more risk than reward.

Now, now, I cast it all the time. I have to stop every 29 seconds for fear I will be without it.

OK, alright, I admit that might be a slight exaggeration… I can wait 35 seconds, maybe.

I use it in Stormwind.

Do you use it in Stormwind?

Why not? (more…)

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