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WoW is no better than a holiday

Larisa told me that I was welcome to purge my feedreader, do away with it completely, on one condition.

I must read Pink Pigtail Inn!

She had nothing to fear, I will never purge her feed, although sometimes I am a little behind.

While I was catching up I came across an excellent post about her bubble.

Not her Pally bubble & hearth

Not her burst bubble

No, it was about the protective, even meditative bubble that WoW provides for her.

She relates it back to the bubble you experience when you are drying your hair with a hairdryer. Nice warm winds across your face and a cone of silence that prevents intrusions from the outside world.

Like I say it is a great post and my 1st reaction was all positive, I was nodding until I risked having my head drop off.

However by the time I read through all the comments my real life experiences intruded and while I agree wholeheartedly that a hairdryer makes an excellent bubble, WoW does not (more…)

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A change in my wind

You may have noticed this already, but I’m all for stating the obvious.

People are either raiding the hell out of ICC, or warming up alts for the Cataclysm.

The raiding isn’t happening for me. It occurs to me I haven’t even picked up this weeks weekly raid quest.

I’m not even chasing the Frost emblems in the daily random. There’s no question that they are a great way to augment your ICC emblem haul, but I’m not racking up the T10 gear, so my enthusiasm has waned.

As for leveling alts… It was raised the other day by one of my mates. My immediate “no” changed to a maybe reasonably quickly, but I’m stretched playing two characters… So 3 is pushing my luck and time.

Instead I am finding myself spending more time playing my alt…. errr my main… errr the one relegated to alt status, my original love, this blogs inspiration.

Yes, Gnomeaggedon has managed to push Squidly into a dark corner.

Sure Squidly gets let out for a run occasionally, particularly if my mates are looking for heals for a random etc… but otherwise Squidly is too far down the character selection screen.

What has brought on the change of mind?

A few things pushed me over the edge (more…)

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I don’t have time right now…

I don’t have time right now to give you a whole post..

Work is crazy…

Odin is crazy…

I’m going crazy…

But on a positive note it is Friday (for some, it’s not… yet… /snigger at Arrens, those Locks are sooo yesterday… Still, his Twitter Bio pretty much sums him up… Husband, father and professional smartass.)

It’s a little bit Outlandish

Anyway, a shout out to the podcast I have listened to the longest, they just celebrated their 2nd year of Podcasting and what a perfectly Hobbit-like celebration it was.. with the gifts coming from them.. to many, including me!


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I Pity the Gnome

Yeah, so love is in the air…

Ironically I have time this year to complete this achievement for the very reason that the only love that I have been breathing lately is the unconditional love of Odin.. well assuming he gets the icecream.. the ball.. the Spiderman action figure and 80% possession of my PC.

When I grabbed that screenshot I was feeling a little melancholy.. I mean really, unless you are a gaming couple, where can the love possibly be in a MMORPG (without the RPG of course… Although [ANAL} Pyroblast does kind of have a romantic ring to it).

Aint Gnome’a do it!

I promise myself I will not roll a Goblin when BurningWrathOfTheCataclysm comes out,.  Goblins are pretty low on my ladder… (more…)

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Come on folks, you know that people use this application to get their personal and precious thoughts down while on the run.

I’m sure you know how much it hurts to write an essay only to have the dog eat it, get a Windows blue screen of death or have the wordpress app crap out AGAIN and lose your post.

Seriously, I don’t know what the problem is, but it has been around from the beginning and every time I download the new version (I got 2.2 last night) I pray that you have fixed the one thing that matters.

Reading comments is great, replying to them is even better…

but what I want the app for is to WRITE POSTS!

That’s not too much to ask of a blogwriting application, is it? (more…)

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An Excellent Comment

I have been meaning to turn this comment into a post for a couple of weeks now, but I have been struggling to make it better by putting my words around it.

What’s worse is I know I took note of the original post, the url, the title, the blog name… I had it all.  It ever appeared in the half-arsed WordPress “My Comments” section of the blog control panel, when the blog owner made a reply.  Unfortunately, the half-arsed WordPress “My Comments” section is one page long.  If a dozen comments appear in quick succession, well, you wont know about the older ones unless someone comments again pushing it to the top.

So I’m hoping that either the blog author, or the commenter (Feralan) stumble across this post and remind me so I can give proper credit.

Then it occurs to me, why do anything more than drag it from the obscurity of a comments thread?

So here is Feralan’s response to a post over at ___FILL_IN_THE_BLANK___

Edit: Found it just prior to post going live, and I can’t be bohered rewritting… so the credit for the post that contains this comment goes to Wildgrowth with the post No PuG Left Behind. You can’t blame a Mage for forgetting a TreeBlog’s url can you?

Feralan said:

This is really a joke.

I’m one of those much-hated “casuals”, and a roleplayer to boot. I raided a while but burned out from it and quit last autumn. And you know what? I’m PINING for the days of the TBC heroics, and so are my equally casual, roleplaying guildies. I cannot imagine how anyone could consider these constant “nerfs” to be a good thing.


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Natural Gatekeepers

Do you miss natural gatekeepers?

I know I do.

Of course at this point, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

This thought occurred to me while I was chatting to SlikRX/Balthazario, who has become a regular, like a real guildy, in Armaggedon’s Coming.

How regular?
He brought his wife as well!

Anyway, I was chatting to Balth while I was running VoA. The raid leader clearly stated from the outset that it was a whole clear.

That was when I discovered that the raid I had joined, the one committed to clearing VoA was 1/2 full of one-wipe pansies.

Back in the good Old days

Which got me thinking and chatting to Balth.

He’s young enough, (/wink) in game terms anyway, that he didn’t experience the joys of gatekeepers in the Burning Crusade (more…)

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