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Three things in Wintergrasp

I lived!

From the beginning of the battle, to the end I lived.

Not Squidly with his “I got heals”, but Gnomeaggedon with this Suicide Mage tendencies, paper thin armor and critmter level health pool.

I guess I have Rip to thank for that, maybe I am less of a suicide Mage now than I have ever been.

Another Battleground, another kill.

The other thing that happened during that Wintergrasp was a little reward for returning to Battlegrounds.

Squidly did this with his eyes closed.. just follow the pack, heal people, soak up the HKs and if things got bad, he would just heal himself.

Gnomeaggedon just found death, death and more death, which was rarely the oppositions, most frequently his own.

Now admittedly I haven’t made it to Prelimar’s 100k kills… but slowly and surely I will get there.

Long time Blogger, 1st time Meeter.

I’ve had lots of whispers in the past, most along the lines of (more…)

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