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WoW is no better than a holiday

Larisa told me that I was welcome to purge my feedreader, do away with it completely, on one condition.

I must read Pink Pigtail Inn!

She had nothing to fear, I will never purge her feed, although sometimes I am a little behind.

While I was catching up I came across an excellent post about her bubble.

Not her Pally bubble & hearth

Not her burst bubble

No, it was about the protective, even meditative bubble that WoW provides for her.

She relates it back to the bubble you experience when you are drying your hair with a hairdryer. Nice warm winds across your face and a cone of silence that prevents intrusions from the outside world.

Like I say it is a great post and my 1st reaction was all positive, I was nodding until I risked having my head drop off.

However by the time I read through all the comments my real life experiences intruded and while I agree wholeheartedly that a hairdryer makes an excellent bubble, WoW does not (more…)

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