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An Excellent Comment

I have been meaning to turn this comment into a post for a couple of weeks now, but I have been struggling to make it better by putting my words around it.

What’s worse is I know I took note of the original post, the url, the title, the blog name… I had it all.  It ever appeared in the half-arsed WordPress “My Comments” section of the blog control panel, when the blog owner made a reply.  Unfortunately, the half-arsed WordPress “My Comments” section is one page long.  If a dozen comments appear in quick succession, well, you wont know about the older ones unless someone comments again pushing it to the top.

So I’m hoping that either the blog author, or the commenter (Feralan) stumble across this post and remind me so I can give proper credit.

Then it occurs to me, why do anything more than drag it from the obscurity of a comments thread?

So here is Feralan’s response to a post over at ___FILL_IN_THE_BLANK___

Edit: Found it just prior to post going live, and I can’t be bohered rewritting… so the credit for the post that contains this comment goes to Wildgrowth with the post No PuG Left Behind. You can’t blame a Mage for forgetting a TreeBlog’s url can you?

Feralan said:

This is really a joke.

I’m one of those much-hated “casuals”, and a roleplayer to boot. I raided a while but burned out from it and quit last autumn. And you know what? I’m PINING for the days of the TBC heroics, and so are my equally casual, roleplaying guildies. I cannot imagine how anyone could consider these constant “nerfs” to be a good thing.


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