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The Next Hero Class Is….

The one you are playing right now!

Yes, I admit it, I was out of my brain on THL yesterday at work… (just quietly, between you and me… I never really liked (past tense) The Hunting Lodge, didn’t think it would last more than a month… proof positive that Gnomes Gnow Gnothing!)  I sure as hell hope work don’t start podcast testing, cause I would fail every test… I am constantly high on podcasts (If I can’t read ’em, I might as well plug into ’em)

So the purveyors of all things illicit (errr Hunter topics + more) were talking about what is in store for the next few years and they believe what I know I joked about in the past, that we will see WoW live as long as characters with 100 levels.

Which got me thinking, well something like thinking anyway.

Hero classes were going to be BIG!

We all had an idea on what the next Hero class would be after getting screwed over by Overpowered Death Knights, Healing Mages… Spell casting tanks, DPSing Priests… Ohh they do that already (Notice how the Shadow Priest stigma has gone over the years… tell someone you didn’t heal cause you were shadow 3 years ago and you got laughed out of the instance… if not the game) (more…)

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