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  • I always thought Squidly was loved for his tentacles.
  • I hoped he was loved for his heals
  • I was accepting of being accepted for his DPS.
  • But I’m only loved for my Heroism?

I guess that’s one advantage of playing Gnomeaggedon, there is no real doubt about why he is accepted in a raid.

Sure it might be an Intellect buff (how the raid cried the other day when there was no Mage for Intellect), could be for his table (presented with a smile and a /bow), maybe even because the raid leader has a Gnome fetish.

However I can be reasonably sure that I am loved for my potential DPS (maybe for Spellsteal – but that’s a gift to a Mage and if there is no Mage, you can always purge). This isn’t TBC where Mages have fallen out of favor, replaced by Warlocks, loved only for consumables and buffs, no this is WoLK.

What is it you want from me?

But Squidly, I think Squidly’s heals or DPS are an afterthought (more…)

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