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Zero Tolerance

Are you a Zero Tolerance player?

  • Do you have a 1 strike and your out, or a 3 strikes and your out policy?
  • Is your policy influenced by your relationship with the other player?
  • Is your policy influenced by your real life mood?
  • Does this tolerance level exist in your real life as well, or purely in WoW?

A Real World Example

My ex-wife has a zero tolerance policy with adults. Her belief is they are big enough to know better and there is no excuse for errors, not even with new experiences.

She has a slightly different attitude towards Odin. He gets 2-3 strikes before reaching zero tolerance (of anything, related or not) for the rest of the day.

Conversely, she expects unlimited forgiveness in return. She had more accidents in our car in the 1st year of driving than I have had in 24 years of driving. She has now been driving for 3 years and the car is currently at the panel beaters being repaired (more…)

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