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We lost, didn't get the towers down

Wintergrasp is like every other battleground.

  • 8/10 players believe the objective is to kill or die. HK’s are the reason to play.
  • 2/10 players know there are objectives, try for the objectives and get frustrated by the honor farmers.

I found myself explaining the significance of the towers to two people over the weekend. Luckily both were friends, so they listened.

There are guides, but who reads them?

I know there are guides out there, I read a few of them back at the time of release, then promptly forgot everything they tried to inform me.

It’s not the fault of the guides, it’s more that (in particular with BG guides) I need to experience a zone, instance or fight before the pieces of the puzzle click.

BG’s are also so simple on the surface.

  1. Zone in…
  2. Follow the masses (they must know what to do!)…
  3. Kill things
  4. Rez
  5. Kill more things
  6. Pray for a win

There are so many toys!

WG is further complicated by the lure of machinery. The Goblins built tool sheds, they will let us take the tools, screw objectives, I’ve got a tank! (more…)

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