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I Love CriticalQQ: PvP for Fire Mages!

Rip, thanks for taking the time out from your studies to write such an awesome post!

Wish I could do the same right now, to thank you properly, but at least I can tell people to gogogogo to you, right now!

Dear Mr. Gnomeaggedon, Sir

Gnomer and Out!

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Pit of Saron must be the place to meet the people worth meeting!

I don’t just mean people…

I mean great people!

Yes, more of those that I was just talking about.

So while I appreciate I could be bringing you more entertaining posts, hell, maybe for once an informative post, I’m going to call out some more WoW heroes!

Frank – Aman’Thul

Frank is in the list for one very important reason (two, but I’ll get to that) – he dropped group (more…)

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