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State of the Gnomes

No Brigwyn, Gnomes never compensate for their "shortcomings"!

I have been a bit blogslack lately, sorry if you eat, sleep and dream Gnomeaggedon & Squidly.

NO! Not EAT Gnomeaggedon… Get your filthy Gnome eating Horde loving knives and forks away from me!

Yeah, so where was I?

It was just over 40c (100f)

Oh yeah, I’ve had an awesome few weeks off. New home for Christmas, Odin full time, blistering weather, holidays at the beach with no phone reception, Gnometransformation machines.

What more could I ask for?

Time playing WoW?

Ohh yeah, I’ve had plenty of that, more importantly the new LFD(G) tool has meant that Gnomeaggedon is getting equal or greater playtime as Squidly.

It started out simply… (more…)

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