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It’s a little thing scratching at the back of my mind, but it’s become an aggravating pain since Dechion’s and BBB’s posts have been hijacked from arsehat behaviour to “Dechion is not 1337 enough to play in my sandpit”.

It has been refreshed by the relatively friendly combat occurring on Arioch’s  Clearcasting, starting in the comments of OK in UK, spawning a guest post by Dark/Soth and a rebuttal on DotsandHots which then lead to baseball analogies by Arioch, and even Jong’s point of view.

Heroics don’t belong to anyone and the certainly don’t belong to the 1337!

The objective of the is to provide fun while gearing you for later 1337ness.

Blizzard has complicated that recently with the random-dungeon-emblem-fest (more…)

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