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  • I always thought Squidly was loved for his tentacles.
  • I hoped he was loved for his heals
  • I was accepting of being accepted for his DPS.
  • But I’m only loved for my Heroism?

I guess that’s one advantage of playing Gnomeaggedon, there is no real doubt about why he is accepted in a raid.

Sure it might be an Intellect buff (how the raid cried the other day when there was no Mage for Intellect), could be for his table (presented with a smile and a /bow), maybe even because the raid leader has a Gnome fetish.

However I can be reasonably sure that I am loved for my potential DPS (maybe for Spellsteal – but that’s a gift to a Mage and if there is no Mage, you can always purge). This isn’t TBC where Mages have fallen out of favor, replaced by Warlocks, loved only for consumables and buffs, no this is WoLK.

What is it you want from me?

But Squidly, I think Squidly’s heals or DPS are an afterthought (more…)

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Gnome weekend(s) that was.

Welcome to the post where I ramble incoherently for a while.

No, not rant, just ramble.

Bits and pieces, observations etc from the last month of “weekends” , which admittedly has included weekdays.

Solo’d this yet?

I know people like to solo stuff, to do the impossible, but has anyone taken on this “world event” yet?

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I suffer from Questtextphobia – I can’t bear to read it!

So my 1st trip through the Dark Portal involved several ghost runs through the demons, before I realized that I just had to talk to one dude that would safely take me to Honor Hold.

When you become you own non-combat pet’s dinner

Apparently cat food comes in rabbit flavor.. (more…)

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Zero Tolerance

Are you a Zero Tolerance player?

  • Do you have a 1 strike and your out, or a 3 strikes and your out policy?
  • Is your policy influenced by your relationship with the other player?
  • Is your policy influenced by your real life mood?
  • Does this tolerance level exist in your real life as well, or purely in WoW?

A Real World Example

My ex-wife has a zero tolerance policy with adults. Her belief is they are big enough to know better and there is no excuse for errors, not even with new experiences.

She has a slightly different attitude towards Odin. He gets 2-3 strikes before reaching zero tolerance (of anything, related or not) for the rest of the day.

Conversely, she expects unlimited forgiveness in return. She had more accidents in our car in the 1st year of driving than I have had in 24 years of driving. She has now been driving for 3 years and the car is currently at the panel beaters being repaired (more…)

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We lost, didn't get the towers down

Wintergrasp is like every other battleground.

  • 8/10 players believe the objective is to kill or die. HK’s are the reason to play.
  • 2/10 players know there are objectives, try for the objectives and get frustrated by the honor farmers.

I found myself explaining the significance of the towers to two people over the weekend. Luckily both were friends, so they listened.

There are guides, but who reads them?

I know there are guides out there, I read a few of them back at the time of release, then promptly forgot everything they tried to inform me.

It’s not the fault of the guides, it’s more that (in particular with BG guides) I need to experience a zone, instance or fight before the pieces of the puzzle click.

BG’s are also so simple on the surface.

  1. Zone in…
  2. Follow the masses (they must know what to do!)…
  3. Kill things
  4. Rez
  5. Kill more things
  6. Pray for a win

There are so many toys!

WG is further complicated by the lure of machinery. The Goblins built tool sheds, they will let us take the tools, screw objectives, I’ve got a tank! (more…)

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Lethon does Gnomeaggedon

PS: I got away…

and this is now my wallpaper…

Can’t wait till Cataclysm!

Gnomer and Out!

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There is a lot of talk about Mandatory authentication for WoW.

I think this is a great idea. Most people that don’t like it, don’t like it for the most feeble reasons.

It’s like seat belts…

Don’t make seat belts mandatory, I’m a safe driver!

Yet seat belts have saved more lives on the road than any other safety feature – the lives of the stupid and innocent alike.

Ship it with Cataclysm

This is the bit I don’t like.

It’s a great idea, make sure everyone gets an authenticator, then make authentication mandatory.

I still don’t like it.

I’ve got one! How many you got? How many do you need?

You see I’ve got one. I’ve got my Core Hound pet too. I read and hear a lot about people that have more than one. iPhone app, standard one, Blizzcon one… They’re collecting the set! (more…)

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I Love CriticalQQ: PvP for Fire Mages!

Rip, thanks for taking the time out from your studies to write such an awesome post!

Wish I could do the same right now, to thank you properly, but at least I can tell people to gogogogo to you, right now!

Dear Mr. Gnomeaggedon, Sir

Gnomer and Out!

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