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Apparently I am so happy with a GMs service that I need to tell Blizzard to get the guy a soda and a pizza.

So I was thinking, who would like to buy one and go drop it off?

Maybe it’s a good opportunity for Ixobelle to get past the front gates… Just add a few CVs into the pizza box Ixo!

Mind you it took a while before I was visited by Cherigor, about 20 hours. Which I guess explains why I have never before had an in-game encounter with a GM. I am sure they were busy.. I doubt Cherigor was pushing me down the list or anything… I don’t think he realized I had a Gnome main at that point.

DND: Go on give me a challenge!

I had just started on a Nexus run when the Deadly Boss Mods DND message flashed up.

He asked if it was a bad time…

I’m only healing I responded.

Earth Shield, Riptide, Chat to GM (more…)

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