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Hey folks, just a quick follow up.

I know a few of you decided to try living with out you word verification.  Some of you appropriately took my request as a demand (or was it the other way around), others have just tried it out.

Nibuca (She’s been getting heaps of mentions lately), sent the post out on a #tntcast, which I guess means there is a chance she will raise it on TNB this week.

The other thing she has been doing is giving daily updates on the change in her spam levels (more…)

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DPS don’t matter

I don’t care how UBER your DPS is…


Ok, so Gnomeaggedon has been on the wrong end of that statement before.

More than a few times.

But you know what, I know whose fault it is when I’m lying dead on the floor 30 seconds into an encounter.

As much as I would like to blame Mr. Tree’s weak-arsed “One DoT will last Gnomer all night” healing, the reality is I brought the death upon myself.

  • Not the Healer!
  • Not the Tank!
  • Me and only me!

Just cause I can pump it out at times doesn’t mean I should. Yes it’s a shame when the 3rd moon of Venus is aligned with Pluto, the planet of personal transformation, and the libido in the air is just ripe, but if the mother-in-laws of all aggro are also there… (more…)

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Dear Guild Masters

Nibuca asked a question in Twitter the other day.

What do you look for in a Guild Website?

I shot back one quick response:

Give non-WoW templates

That’s it.

I don’t care too much about the functionality, I do want to be able to read and leave comments, but the only thing that is important to me is being able to access the guild website when ever I want to.

It isn’t really relevant to me anymore anyway, for a couple of reasons (more…)

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