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Dear Bloggers

This is a request to bloggers in general, but specifically for those of you on Blogspot.

Get rid of word verification!

I guess it makes you feel safer, maybe a little less bothered by spam.

I wonder if it bothers you that you get less comments?

It certainly bothers me that I leave less comments, that you make it more difficult for me to leave comments.

I always found it a pain after crafting my comment (actually before I even leave my comment it’s such a pain to have to go to a new page… But that’s your blogging platform of choice… Your choice), that either I mistype the word verification or it times out.

Instead of me leaving a comment and walking away with a smile, I grunt, die a little inside and have another go. All being well I haven’t flicked to another page and forgotten the unposted comment (more…)

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