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What is Wrong with You?

You: Big and strong.
Me: Big but weak.

You: Fast and healthy
Me: Slow and sickly

I’ve got the WSG daily.

I’ve been hanging onto it for a few days now because I either haven’t had time, or have fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Last night about 1/2 a hour before logging off I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get it done.

I smell Rats

I join the queue and it pops practically immediately.

A bad sign I think to myself. More often than not, an immediate invite indicates rats leaving a sinking ship.

I was relatively happy to find that while the battle had already started, we were only one down with 22 minutes still on the clock.

I briefly wondered why someone would dump the BG so early, then I got down to business. (more…)

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Min/Maxing gear before 80 part 2

  • Not yet 80 but want to feel like one of the big boys?
  • Your Casual/Hardcore and want to know what to get when with your limited time so you can be hardcore?
  • Bored at work and feel like researching the best.
  • Want to get the head start on the gear, not throw away the level 73 quest rewards that won’t get replaced until you clear Ulduar?

Then this post, part 2 of my series on Min/Maxing your pre-80 character may fill in the gaps.

In part 1 I discussed using Wowhead’s profile and find an upgrade tools to get you from 1-70, well they will get you further and will sometimes reveal items that other tools, such as Rawr, won’t reveal. So don’t stop using it even though there is a new tool in your arsenal (more…)

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