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Min/Maxing gear before 80 part 1

If you are reading WoW blogs you are probably trying to squeeze the last drop of DPS/Heals/Threat etc out of your gear.

You possibly use Rawr or the plethora of gear advisory websites. You may even read Elitist Jerks religiously.

If you are 80!

If you are yet 80.

If you are somewhere between 1-79 you are probably feeling a little neglected.

Be Neglected No More!

I’m going to tell you how to min/max your pre-level cap character!

Min/Max =/= Min/Max

Most importantly, the further you are from 80, the less the traditional Min/Max definition applies.

Traditional: Minimizing less important/irrelevant stats, while maximizing the important ones, the ones that will give you the last dps/hps/tps.

Gnomeaggedon’s definition of pre-level cap Min/Maxing:

Expending the minimum amount of effort/gold to achieve the maximum gear result (more…)

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