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Cos I’m
T.N.B. – I’m Dynamite
T.N.B. – And I’ll win the fight
T.N.B. – I’m a power-load
T.N.B. – Watch me Explode
OK, Maybe I should leave that stuff for Megan
It’s up for your listening pleasure!
But make sure you see the youtube videos to get you in the mood 1st

Holy Worg Poo BatGnome!

Jong bubbled and hearthed his way through Twisted Nether Blogcast last week (of course he didn’t run in fear).

Which leaves this hot little Gnome the opportunity to port into his still warm seat…

I hope I don’t get pregnant… I have heard of people getting pregnant from sharing seats…

What?  Boys don’t get pregnant?  Tell that to Arnie!

Yep, the big balls of fire will be thrown, the totems dropped and an unstoppable stream of inane Dad jokes will spew forth from my lips (more…)

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I’ve never created a guild before.

  • I have been a member of many.
  • Officer in at least one and that was pretty big 300-400 members)
  • One of my alts was even promoted to Guild Master of one (ok, it is a bank guild, but hey I’ve held the position before right…)

But I have never started one from scratch, not even one like Armaggedon’s Coming which has no purpose beyond appearing in screenshots.

So how was the process?

The Blizzard “paperwork” part was pretty painless. It would have been more painless if I didn’t adopt the “male DIY read the instructions as a last resort” method of guild creation.

Sure I checked where the Guild Masters were located… ie: somewhere in Stormwind (and the other major cities)… In the Visitors Centers… Like I had ever been there before in 4.5 years!

But read the guild charter, or even the icon to work out how people sign it…?

Pffff Hahaha… That’s for lesser mortals! (more…)

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