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Alterac Valley Battle Plan

Every now and then I have one those BGs that just grabs me by the short and curlies (lots of short here, not so much curlies).

Going back a few days…

AV was failfest.

While on average Alliance are still winning more AVs than not, there are some days where the keyboard shorts out for the tears floating amongst the keys.

Pseudo Premade… well 3 of us anyway

Then a couple of days ago I joined up with the remnants of a PuG instance group to run AV.

Man that was fun!

For some stupid reason Blizzard breaks your party on entering AV (I joined in a group of mates, leave me with them!)

However, we were close enough often enough for me to lay heals on them and it added a whole new flavor to the game.

We rolled the Horde 5/0 before we went our separate ways.

Then there was yesterday…

It was back to the fail fest I know and hate so much (more…)

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