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OK, so this is GoogledGnome #69 (well 70 if we consider the one that I threw a completely different numbering system on), so I shouldn’t be amazed really… but hey, I am sweet and innocent, occasionally naive.

“huntard” +signs

You need sign posts… they are generally pretty obvious!

Even though I am an ex-hunter, from way back in Vanilla, I am a Mage come Shaman these days and it would be entirely inappropriate of me to spell out the ways that Hunters prove that they are Huntards…

I’ll leave that to the Hunter Bloggers.. let’s face it, they will be shamed more by the existence of Huntards.

can mages heal

Ummm Derr.. of course we can (more…)

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Continuing my series on why other classes need Mages, I look at two of the other pure DPS classes today.


Why bother reaching for the heights of Damage meter pwnage if you don’t have competition.

Mages provide that competition, big time. More often than not if you are looking at the top 3 positions in a damage meter they will be filled by Hunters, Rogues and Mages.

The question is, which of us will be No. 1? (more…)

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