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Just Add Water

The world was saved.

  • Druids free to save the Barrens – check
  • Hydras converted to single headed lizards – check.
  • Forsaken dominance of the Razormane stopped – check.
  • Trolls slaughtered by the dozen – check hehehehe
  • The Baron unseated from his mount and Arthas’ shame cleansed – check

The world was saved… Or was it?

Gnomeaggedon rested at the Argent Dawn campsite.

The gryphon ride from Lights Hope Chapel hadn’t filled him with the usual joy at taking wing. So he dismounted before reaching Ironforge, he needed some time to gather his thoughts.


He probably should have ported to Ironforge, but whether it was his unexpected nap in Dalaran or whether he was still high on the arcane energies that he set loose at his foes, he was tired, even a little dizzy.

Luckily a Gnome doesn’t have far to fall, so his collapse was as gentle as tucking a child into bed (more…)

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No More Eggy

I mentioned the other day my attempts to get Odin to eat egg yolks.

I failed a the the time.

I am pleased to announce a victory for all fathers, well this one at least.

Today his egg was sunny side up, with soldiers that marched until consumed.

Yay for silly rhymes!

Gnomer and Out

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