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Min/Maxing Gear Before 80 Part 3

Wowhead got you most of the way.

Rawr is now making the beat out of your bad gear situation, so what else is important?

Tell Me More… What’s Next?

So now you have optimized what you already posses, the time has come to see what you could aim for.

Back to the optimization window (Tools – Optimize), but this time press the button bottom right – Build Upgrade List.

This may take a while… It takes about 30 seconds for Squidly’s Resto gear and about 5 minutes for Squidly’s Elemental gear, of course my new PC will probably do that all a lot faster than my 4 year old one.

I Can Haz That?


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OMG, I know people say it is fun being on Twisted Nether Blogcast, but you don’t know until you go!

Let me just tell you.. it was awesome!

The Twisted Gnomer Blogcast!


If you don’t believe me, ask my recycle bin!

Thanks for all all those that came… wayyyyyy to many to mention (especially after filling the bin) (more…)

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What is Wrong with You?

You: Big and strong.
Me: Big but weak.

You: Fast and healthy
Me: Slow and sickly

I’ve got the WSG daily.

I’ve been hanging onto it for a few days now because I either haven’t had time, or have fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Last night about 1/2 a hour before logging off I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get it done.

I smell Rats

I join the queue and it pops practically immediately.

A bad sign I think to myself. More often than not, an immediate invite indicates rats leaving a sinking ship.

I was relatively happy to find that while the battle had already started, we were only one down with 22 minutes still on the clock.

I briefly wondered why someone would dump the BG so early, then I got down to business. (more…)

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Min/Maxing gear before 80 part 2

  • Not yet 80 but want to feel like one of the big boys?
  • Your Casual/Hardcore and want to know what to get when with your limited time so you can be hardcore?
  • Bored at work and feel like researching the best.
  • Want to get the head start on the gear, not throw away the level 73 quest rewards that won’t get replaced until you clear Ulduar?

Then this post, part 2 of my series on Min/Maxing your pre-80 character may fill in the gaps.

In part 1 I discussed using Wowhead’s profile and find an upgrade tools to get you from 1-70, well they will get you further and will sometimes reveal items that other tools, such as Rawr, won’t reveal. So don’t stop using it even though there is a new tool in your arsenal (more…)

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Min/Maxing gear before 80 part 1

If you are reading WoW blogs you are probably trying to squeeze the last drop of DPS/Heals/Threat etc out of your gear.

You possibly use Rawr or the plethora of gear advisory websites. You may even read Elitist Jerks religiously.

If you are 80!

If you are yet 80.

If you are somewhere between 1-79 you are probably feeling a little neglected.

Be Neglected No More!

I’m going to tell you how to min/max your pre-level cap character!

Min/Max =/= Min/Max

Most importantly, the further you are from 80, the less the traditional Min/Max definition applies.

Traditional: Minimizing less important/irrelevant stats, while maximizing the important ones, the ones that will give you the last dps/hps/tps.

Gnomeaggedon’s definition of pre-level cap Min/Maxing:

Expending the minimum amount of effort/gold to achieve the maximum gear result (more…)

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#Iblamesyrana that I am going to be on TNB this Friday 27th/Saturday 28th depending on which wonderful part of the work you live in.

#Iblamesyrana that we all life in different parts of the world. Still it means we do have a whole worlds of experiences, food and silly accents.

#Iblamesyrana that I have only pumped the AzerothUnited Childsplay charity drive a couple of times.

Armaggedon’s Coming: The Guild

I have decided on a new membership fee for Armaggedon’s Coming: The Guild. (more…)

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Cos I’m
T.N.B. – I’m Dynamite
T.N.B. – And I’ll win the fight
T.N.B. – I’m a power-load
T.N.B. – Watch me Explode
OK, Maybe I should leave that stuff for Megan
It’s up for your listening pleasure!
But make sure you see the youtube videos to get you in the mood 1st

Holy Worg Poo BatGnome!

Jong bubbled and hearthed his way through Twisted Nether Blogcast last week (of course he didn’t run in fear).

Which leaves this hot little Gnome the opportunity to port into his still warm seat…

I hope I don’t get pregnant… I have heard of people getting pregnant from sharing seats…

What?  Boys don’t get pregnant?  Tell that to Arnie!

Yep, the big balls of fire will be thrown, the totems dropped and an unstoppable stream of inane Dad jokes will spew forth from my lips (more…)

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