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200,000 people approve of this post

Well, they approve of the previous 552 posts anyway…


Yep, 200,000 views… nice one folks… keep on reading…

Australian Made Mage

Ohh speaking of silly numbers… (more…)

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Bacon and Eggs

I’m spell stealing Jong’s bacon and donuts.

If you haven’t got kids you probably don’t appreciate the joy of convincing them that the joys in life aren’t yucky.

Take bacon and eggs for eggample.

Odin loves eggs, but only a certain way.

Odin eggs 01

He has to crack the egg, add a little milk, salt and pepper, then whisk it… Not too much, just so the yolk isn’t in one piece.

Yolks… Generally kids don’t like yolks, unless they are mixed in.

Odin is no exception

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